Tucasa AB rent out properties on Costa del Sol, and are always looking for new attractive properties.

As a company we aim to stand out as a rental organisation that takes into account the sentimental values of private properties, thereby working actively to minimize the risk for potential problems, rather than maximizing the rental income.

We advertise apartments on our own web-page, but we also use Spain-holiday.com and to some extent Homeaway.com. Both are gigantic web-sites that cover many countries world-wide. On these sites we also have the possibility to fully control which guests are allowed to book. If the property owner so wishes, we will ask him/her before booking any new guest. 

We also have our own base of returning customers who have rented the same or different properties from us before, and keep coming back because of the quality we provide. They keep increasing in numbers, and we take extra care to make them happy since they are ”the perfect guests”; they would rather pay a bit more and get the quality they want, both from the property they rent and the service we provide. 

If you feel this sounds like the management you are looking for, feel free to contact us at the bottom of this page for further questions and/or discussions.